Fire Safety Training

The right fire system and equipment is only part of your total fire solution. We provide comprehensive fire training to help you develop the most comprehensive fire safety plan possible.

Learning how to properly use your fire equipment will give you peace of mind should the need arise to deploy it. Our Fire Training programs are delivered by Certificate IV qualified workplace trainers and assessors. You'll find out exactly what to do if you're ever faced with a fire emergency.

Fire Training Courses:

  • Workplace fire safety

Take advantage of our comprehensive in-house training facilities, or we can provide onsite training to ensure your employees and building occupants are properly trained for a fire emergency.

  • Fire extinguisher training course

This course covers the safe operation of a fire extinguisher including practical use of fire extinguishers on a controlled fire. We also train you to identify the type of extinguisher to use for different types of fires

  • Fire equipment

Our training courses are tailored to your needs, taking into consideration your specific industry, facility and existing fire and life safety equipment.

  • Managing emergencies (fire warden training)

Our Training is a fully integrated course for Floor Wardens, Chief Wardens, Fire Awareness and use of Extinguishers. It covers Leadership and communication in an emergency situation, procedures to ensure everyone is safely evacuated, and the management of people who are mobility impaired or require special assistance. It also covers the importance of housekeeping in the workplace.

  • Evacuation plans

Safe Work Australia requires all businesses have a documented site plan posted in key locations throughout the workplace. Total Fire Solutions can create professional plans for your site clearly showing the required location of all fire protection equipment, emergency exits and assembly points.

Why Total Fire Solutions?

Total Fire Solutions delivers high-quality design, installation and maintenance services of Fire Protection and Safety, specialising in mining and heavy industry.

Our experienced staff of fire protection professionals will design and personalise a plan which meets your requirements to the letter. Their resourcefulness, knowledge of fire safety compliance issues and understanding of industry challenges lead to outstanding, and safe, results.

We've built a team of specialist fire technicians, plumbers, sprinkler fitters and electricians in New South Wales and Queensland. This highly-trained workforce not only install but also maintain and provide ongoing support for your fire protection solutions.

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