Fire Sprinkler Systems

Fire sprinkler systems are very effective active fire protection systems used to protect a range of commercial and industrial property from offices to factories.

Total Fire Solutions has years of experience designing, installing and maintaining these systems. We'll deliver the optimal fire sprinkler system layout and make sure it's fully compliant with the Australian Fire Protection Standards.

What is a Fire Sprinkler System?

Fire protection sprinkler systems are an active fire protection method, consisting of a closed or open interconnected pipe work. The automated water action is via a sprinkler valve connected to mains water pressure and is activated by flow from a burst and predetermined temperature rated sprinkler heads.

Sprinkler systems are heat activated. When a fire starts, the air heats rapidly and rises. Each sprinkler head has a bulb filled with an alcohol-based liquid that expands when hot. It shatters the bulb, triggering the water release to douse the fire. Only the sprinkler heads heated by the fire will trigger, minimising water damage to unaffected areas.

Total Fire Solutions usually install this type of fire suppression system in factories and large commercial buildings, but they may also work cost-effectively in smaller or domestic buildings or as an office sprinkler system.

Fire Sprinkler Installation

Our qualified team will first consult and design your optimal fire sprinkler system layout to make sure it's the right fit. This means our technicians can then install the system with minimum fuss or disruption to your business.

Our specialised team may work initially with architectural engineers for the initial design, our estimators, installers and machinery specialists follow the below process for installation.

  1. Initial consultation and collaboration with all stakeholders to agree on requirements and type of fire sprinkler system.
  2. Risk-based assessment is completed, considering local safety standards and compliance.
  3. The engineered design plan is created in relation to risk or hazards in the building. Installation of fire tanks or specialised pumping is assessed.
  4. Installation by experienced technicians.
  5. Check of water piping system and building water tanks.
  6. Fire sprinkler system testing can be done weekly, monthly or yearly.

Each project is different and timing will vary depending on size and scope.

Fire Sprinkler Servicing

Our priority is to keep your fire sprinkler system in top condition with regular and thorough servicing sessions. We'll keep your fire systems compliant and safe.

We commission all fire system brands and OEM equipment where necessary, and conduct breakdown repairs and regular inspection and testing during maintenance.

Other Support Services

A sprinkler system is just part of your company's total fire solution. We've developed a range of support services including risk assessments, evacuation planning and training to help you develop the most comprehensive fire plan possible.

Why Total Fire Solutions?

Total Fire Solutions delivers high-quality design, installation and maintenance services of Fire Protection and Safety, specialising in mining and heavy industry.

Our experienced staff of fire protection professionals in New South Wales and Queensland will design and personalise a plan which meets your requirements to the letter. Their resourcefulness, knowledge of fire safety compliance issues and understanding of industry challenges lead to outstanding, and safe, results.

We've built a team of specialist fire technicians, plumbers, sprinkler fitters and electricians. This highly-trained workforce not only install but also maintain and provide ongoing support for your fire protection solutions.

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