Exit and Emergency Lighting

Total Fire Solutions comply with all relevant Australian standards for the design, installation, maintenance and product regulations for emergency lighting systems required in all commercial premises.

We can advise on the correct location for all your exit signs and emergency lighting. We will also work with you on a testing and maintenance schedule to keep your business safe and compliant.

How do emergency lighting and exit signs work?

Exit lighting mark the exit route for occupants, pointing them in the right direction. Battery backup is available to hold lights for 90 minutes during a power failure.

Emergency lighting is designed to work with the alarm system and guide people to safety during an emergency/fire so they can see where they're going. It connects with the main lighting of the building and includes a battery backup in case of power failure.

Emergency exit light Installation

Our priority is to make sure your exit and emergency lights are the most efficient design and installation is as smooth as possible. Our experienced team follow the below installation process.

  • Initial consultation
  • Design the emergency evacuation plan and system
  • Evaluation with client
  • Installation with minimum disruption
  • Training of wardens and fire marshalls
  • Ongoing testing and maintenance

When installing, we follow Australian standards and compliance requirements in size and illumination for circuits, exit and emergency lights as part of your company's total fire solution.

Why Total Fire Solutions?

Total Fire Solutions delivers high-quality design, installation and maintenance services of fire protection and safety, specialising in mining and heavy industry.

Our experienced staff of fire protection professionals will design and personalise a plan which meets your requirements to the letter. Their resourcefulness, knowledge of fire safety compliance issues and understanding of industry challenges lead to outstanding, and safe, results.

We've built a team of specialist fire technicians, plumbers, sprinkler fitters and electricians in New South Wales and Queensland. This highly-trained workforce not only install but also maintain and provide ongoing support for your fire protection solutions.

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