Specialising in mining installation and maintenance, Total Fire Solutions also offers commercial fire services, electrical services and mechanical plumbing services. As the name suggests we supply, install, maintain and repair all fire suppression systems and equipment, we offer a 24/7 fire protection service and employ qualified fire technicians, plumbers, sprinkler fitters and electricians out of our four premises, Heatherbrae, Mount Thorley, Mudgee and Gunnedah. Total Fire Solutions offers a diversely wide range of fire solutions, specialising in the following:

System Design

  • Automatic fire detection and alarm systems
  • Occupant warning systems
  • Sprinkler and deluge systems
  • Suppression Systems
  • Aqueous (foam & wet chemical) suppression systems
  • Gaseous suppression systems
  • Restaurant suppression systems
  • Hydraulic, electrical and mechanical fire protection engineered solutions
  • Smoke hazard management

Designing systems to comply with regulatory requirements such as: the building code of Australia, Industry standards/codes, Australian standards and Approvals, including those relevant to international or local authorities having jurisdiction.


  • Passive fire protection
  • Dual and multiple agent solutions
  • Large dry chemical engineered systems
  • Smoke Hazard management
  • Hydraulic, electrical and mechanical combination fire protection engineered solutions
  • High, medium, low expansion foam and foam deluge/water spray systems
  • Fire water, storage, reticulation and pumping systems
  • Exit and emergency lighting systems
  • Detection and alarm systems
  • Emergency warning and intercommunication systems
  • Mobile machinery fire suppression (Aqueous & Dry) systems
  • Gaseous suppression systems
  • Restaurant suppression systems
  • Portable fire extinguishers, blankets and various equipment
  • Hose Reel and hydrant systems
  • Sprinkler and deluge systems


  • Commissioning of all fire system brands and OEM equipment
  • Regular and scheduled servicing
  • Breakdown repairs and maintenance

Support Services

  • Training
    • Fire equipment, general and specialist systems, escape chutes, managing emergencies (Warden training) delivered by Certificate IV qualified trainers in workplace training and assessment
  • Fire System Consultancy
  • Hydraulic and electric engineered solutions
  • Fire modelling
  • Building services engineering
  • Room integrity (fan) testing
  • Risk Assessments
    • Fire Safety Engineering reports and Hazard Analysis
    • Failure modes and affects analysis
    • Mobile Equipment
  • Emergency Plans
  • Evacuation Diagrams
  • Electrical control panel operations and maintenance
  • Fire Systems and equipment audits
    • Qualified auditors

The following video demonstrates Total Fire Solutions demonstrating Fire Awareness Training, which we offer to all businesses big or small. 

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to give us a call on 1800 807 740